RG51 SUPER-LITE TR90 Material FOLDING,BENDABLE Reading Glasses Includes Case + Cloth 8 Lens Variations in Black or Burgundy (Black, 1.25)


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RG51 SUPER-LITE TR90 Material FOLDING,BENDABLE Black or Burgundy Reading Glasses Includes Case + Cloth.————– TR90 is developed with a new material called Thermoplastic polyamide.————- It is up to 20% lighter than other plastics. Its extreme flexibility, durability and light weightiness make it the perfect material for everyday wear. ——————- With its long lasting stylish colors, you will want more than one frame in your eye wear wardrobe. Aspex/TR90 frames are both beautiful for everyday wear an ULTRA FLEXIBLE TR90 is unbelievably flexible. ———————- This is one of the reasons why these TR90 frames are so comfortable. ULTRA DURABLE TR90’s durability and safety are a by-product of its flexibility. —————– A highly flexible frame is less likely to break under stress or impact than a more rigid frame. ————– ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT TR90 is incredibly lightweight, which contributes to the comfort of our eyewear and the tendency to forget you’re wearing it. ————— EXTREME TEMPERATURE RESISTANT The frames will not lose their shape or adjustments due to temperature variations. BLOCKS FADING UV EXPOSURE The color richness and finish of the eye wear will be long lasting even after being exposed to the sunlight NON Allergenic strong for active an weekend.

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